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With a little effort you can make your home ready to sell more quickly and at a better price.

First impressions are important! Remember, when a prospect comes to look at your house, the first thing he will see is your home's front door! Be sure that it is fresh and clean. Be sure your yard is free of refuse and leaves. Be certain that you've removed the ice and snow from the walk and steps.

What you show is what you get! Your front door gives a vital first impressions while a Realtor and prospect wait for you to answer the bell. Be sure it's scrubbed clean. Faded walls and worn woodwork will reduce the appeal of your home. Why try and tell a prospect how your house could look when you can show him with a reasonable amount of decoration? A quicker sale at a higher price will result. Invest in wall paper in the kitchen or bathroom. It will pay dividends for you.

Let the sun shine in! Open those drapes and curtains all the way so the prospect can see how bright and cheerful your home is. Dress up windows in freshly laundered curtains. If minor decoration is needed (especially kitchen), do it!

Fix that Leakey Faucet. Dripping water discolors sinks and suggests faulty or worn out plumbing.

Little Things mean a lot! Take a few minutes to check to be sure that your doors don't stick or have loose knobs on them. Don't forget your cabinet drawers. Get all those minor flaws fixed since they detract from your home's value.

Safety First and Always! Keep stairways clear. Cluttered stairs present the possibility of injury and are a distraction to your buyer.

From Top to Bottom. Display your attic, basement, and other utility space (including crawl spaces) by removing all unnecessary articles. A coat of paint can do wonders if your basement is dark and dreary.

Big Closets Make them look bigger by having them neat and well organized to show that your home has ample closet space.

Bathrooms Sell Homes! Make these rooms sparkle! Check and repair any damaged or discolored caulking in the bathtubs or showers and be sure that the towels and area rugs are bright.

Shine On! Don't forget to have all light sockets filled with bulbs. Illumination is like a welcome sign. The potential buyer will feel a flowing warmth when you turn all the lights for an evening inspection. Your home's illumination can be a welcome sign to a prospective buyer! Turn on all your outside and inside lights when showing your home at night.

Two's a Couple and Three's a Crowd! Don't have too many people present during a home inspection, since the potential buyer will feel like an intruder and want to hurry through your house.

Music Soothes the Savage Beast! Unfortunately it does not soothe the potential buyers. When showing your house, turn off the blaring radio or TV.

Curb your Dog! Keep all pets out of the way and not under foot.

Silence is Golden! Leave showing the house up to the realtor if listed for sale. The salesperson knows the buyers requirements and can best emphasize the features of your home.

Don't put the Cart before the Horse! Trying to sell the prospective buyers any of the furnishings your not taking with you before they purchase the house could loose the sale!

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